You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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Laguna Organisation

An organisation helping parrots in need. We arrange a veterinary check-up and treatment under the surveillance of MVDr. Lubica Nečasová and MVDr. Sebastian Franco, where not only a physical condition but also psychical is being evaluated and treated. The treated parrots are slowly joining flocks in the aviary or adoptive homes. Our scope is to provide care based on positive reinforcement in group Therapies and fun time. There is no way to heal an unhappy parrot, therefore, our priority is to provide our parrots happy life. 

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Biopark Štít

Biopark Štít is a private breeding facility for exotic animals and pets endangered by extinction. This facility was founded in 2014 and is located in a village called Štít/Klamoš – 6km away from Chlumec nad Cidlinou. The following animal kinds did find here their home: Felidaes such as lions, tigers, leopards. Primates represented by Cercopithecidae, lemurs, macaques and callitrichids. Birds with a small family of various kinds of parrots, kingfishers, ostriches and pigeons. Reptiles as snakes, lizards and turtles. And last but not least horses and sheep. Opening hours.

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Urutau Chaco Animals

The Urutau animal rescue station was founded in 2018 by its current owner, Mr Holger Begen, the mayor of Filadelfia. Nevertheless, this facility was in fact open a few years earlier. It is located south of the Chaco nature reserve, from where the wounded or sick animals are being taken into care. Once the animal is fully healed, it is released back to the nature reserve. In case of permanent damages, the patient remains at Urutau animal rescue station. The most frequent patients are turtles, lizards, reptiles, armadillos, anteaters, various kinds of monkeys - often callitrichids, coatis, parrots, toucans,  the African wild dogs, cougars and jaguars. 

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Parrots attracted human attention since ancient times. It is well known that sailors used to catch these beautiful, colourful birds to keep them company on their boats to prevent severe loneliness during the endless journey. Nowadays, we admire the same way their beautiful colours, intelligence and ability to imitate human speech. Sometimes, we humans underestimate the high intelligence of these creatures. Often, we force them to live in our environment to please us and we "humanize" them without keeping in mind their nature. Parrots are intelligent and sociable creatures, that live in flocks or couples. Never alone. We humans, bring them into our homes mostly as the only pet. Not many of us transform our home to a so-called rainforest and imitate primary needs of these unique creatures. A great number of parrots are able to adapt to a human environment and live a quality life. Not all of them are this lucky though. There are several sad examples when the owner misjudges the needs of these intelligent birds. In these occasions, a beautiful, intelligent parrot is slowly changing into psychically and physically broken individual. That traumatize not only the bird itself but also the owner who then suffers from the sight of his pet bird that he got for his own pleasure and joy in the first place.  

Laguna Organization takes into care these poor creatures. Provides them veterinary care and consequently deals with their return to relatively natural habitat. Step by step integrates these broken parrots into groups whose purpose is to imitate a natural lifestyle and provoke a will to live. The cockatoo, African gray parrot, macaw and amazon parrots are the kinds most often taken into care by the Laguna Organization.  

How to help?

Financial help
Material help
Volunteer help
Virtual adoption
Corporate giving
Provided inheritance

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Virtual adoption of parrots

Virtual adoption is an ideal form of help, if you can't have a parrot at home for some reason, but you would like to have it at least virtually. This is also suitable for those, who would like to help one particular parrot. If you will be listed as it's virtual owner. Virtual adoption is voluntary. We have prepared for you four levels of adoption, for basic to exclusive. We believe, that everyone chooses accordingly to their own possibilities. Monthly donations can be canceled anytime.
  • Basic

  • Up to 199 CZK
  • Certificate
  • Free entry to the Laguna events
  • Adopt
  • The most popular
  • Standard

  • 200 - 399 CZK
  • Certificate
  • Free entry to the Laguna events
  • Free entry to see parrots in the Botanical garden
  • Adopt
  • Premium

  • 400 - 999 CZK
  • Certificate
  • Free entry to the Laguna events
  • Free entry to see parrots in the Botanical garden
  • Laguna T - shirt
  • Adopt
  • Exclusive

  • From 1000 CZK
  • Certificate
  • Free entry to the Laguna events
  • Free entry to see parrots in the Botanical garden
  • Laguna T - shirt
  • Guided tour in Laguna
  • Adopt
Another way to help a particular parrots is one-time financial donation. This is especially suitable for those, who do not wish to donate regularly, but according to their own possibilities. One-time donations to a chosen can be made directly to our transparent account. In case you need a donation receipt to deduce you taxes, please mail us. We will send you the receipt in January of the following year.
Taking over the patient
We'll take the patient into our care
Initial health assessment.
Veterinary checkup
Detailed blood tests,
Disease testing,
Medical diagnosis.
Veterinary care
We provide the best veterinary care from experienced veterinarians for exotic birds.
MVDr. Sebastian Franco
MVDr. Lubica Nečasová
Following care
We also take care of their mental well-being.
Breeners care
We take care of our parrots as if they were our own.
Advice and education for breeders on how to properly care for exotic parrots.


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