You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry



 We would like to thank all adoptive parrot parents, other supporters of Laguna and great people who supported the Urutau Chaco Animals project.  Thanks to you, we gave another chance not only to nearly a hundred of parrots in need but also to animals endangered during the fire in Chaco area in Paraguay. All of it would not happen without you. You all are part of the Laguna. Thank you.

We wish you all the best in the year 2020 and look forward to our future collaboration.  

The Laguna team


A visit to a retirement home in a pirate style. Not only the clients but also the staff has enjoyed with great astonishment the narration about parrot's life. The performers were our macaws Bucky & Lady, the trio of white cockatoos along with Kuba, the favourite of our audience.  We are delighted to have cheered everyone up and made their day.  Everyone, including our parrots, has enjoyed the visit.

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Parrots get bored in their aviaries and homes every winter. There is no better way to entertain them than allow them fly in flocks. We provide an opportunity to you and your parrots to fly in a tennis hall, Tenis Cibulka each Friday and Sunday. There, you both can find new friends and your parrot can master his flying ability, discover the perspective from above and feel the power in his wings. You both can have loads of fun in this group. 

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